At Irish E-Juice Direct, we take fraud and theft very seriously.
To prevent these things from happening to any consumer / credit card holder, we implemented several systems to catch fraudulent purchases before the transactions have been finalized and shipped out.
This means, at our discretion, we will cancel any order that we believe is fraudulent, or, was found to be fraudulent and will refund the full amount back to the card which was used to create that order.
This is to protect all credit card holders from fraud.
(We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone that we feel is creating, or has created a fraudulent purchase on our website)

One of the many systems we have in place is the “Fraud Detection System” by a prestigious third party company (World Pay). The “Fraud Detection System” looks at items such as purchase history with other retailers, address verification and ip address location just to name a few.

Orders that come back with an average score are re-evaluated. In most cases, those orders are able to be removed from the “Fraud Detection System”.

Details of this process can be found here World Pay